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Desktop Storage Solutions

(April 2007) posted on Wed Apr 18, 2007

A sourcelist of external desktop hard drives.

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By Clare Baker

CMS’ ABSplus is an external storage device and automatic backup system that’s available with USB or FireWire connectivity. ABSplus offers storage capacities of 80, 160, 200, 250, 400, 500, and 750 GB with a drive speed of 7200 RPM. The USB 2.0 model has a maximum transfer rate of 275 MBps, while the FireWire model offers a rate of 270 MBps. The drive is bundled with BounceBack Professional software-which makes a complete back-up of all files, applications, and operating systems-as well as copy2go 1.0 multimedia software for managing multimedia files. The ABSplus system is compatible with Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X 10.1 and above. Price: $169 to $669.

Edge Tech
EDGE Tech’s DiskGO 3.5-in. Portable Hard Drive with Quad Interface features eSATA, FireWire 800, FireWire 400, and USB 2.0 (as well as USB 1.1) interfaces. The eSATA interface offers a transfer rate of 3 Gbps. Operating at a drive speed of 7200 RPM, the aluminum-encased drive supports current SATA II and is backward-compatible with SATA 1.0 and SATA 1.0a. A plug-and-play drive, it features a fanless design and an anti-shock chamber to ensure stability and protection. Available with storage capacities of 16, 250, 400, and 500 GB. Compatible with Windows 2000/2000 SP4/XP and Mac OS X. Price: $165 to $285.

Fantom Drives
Fantom Drives, which manufactures MicroNet technology storage products (see below), has released the Titanium II line of external hard drives with USB and USB/FireWire Combo connectivity. The Titanium II Combo FireWire/USB 2.0 is available in 120-, 160-, 200-, 250-, 300-, 320-, 400-, and 500-GB capacities and the Titanium II USB 2.0 drive is available in capacities of 80, 160, 200, 250, 320, 400, and 500 GB. Both models feature a sustained data-transfer rate of 28 MBps and a drive speed of 7200 RPM. The fanless drive can stand upright or be stacked horizontally. Compatible with Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP and Mac OS 9.1 and OS X and higher. Price: $95 to $200.