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Digital Photography Workflow-Management Software

(August 2004) posted on Mon Aug 30, 2004

Software and systems to streamline image


From ACD Systems, ACDSee allows photographers
as well as other end-users the
opportunity to view, manage, print, edit,
share, and store photos. ACDSee features
the ability to view more than 50 media formats;
group and save images in user-defined
folders; and search by date, categories,
names, camera metadata,
keywords, or text descriptions. It makes it
easy to print photos and contact sheets.
In addition, ACDSee offers basic photo
manipulation. Price: $49.99.


Bibble Labs' Bibble allows for quick and
easy browsing through RAW files, editing
and adjusting of RAW files, and conversion
of RAW files to JPEGs or TIFFs. Features
include: thumbnail browsing; one-click
white balance; support for monitor proofing;
batch processing; interactive 16-bit
image adjustment; and more. Available for
Mac OS and Windows; offers support for
various Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Kodak, and
Canon cameras. Price: $99, single-user


BreezeBrowser from Breeze Systems,
offers a system to edit, organize, and
present images after they are down-loaded
from the camera. It combines an
image browser with a RAW converter, converting
RAW images from Canon, Nikon,
Pentax, Minolta, and Olympus digital cameras.
Price: $49.95. The company's DownloaderPro
allows the transfer of images
from the camera or card reader to the
computer with renaming and storing
capabilities. Windows only. Price: $29.95;
bundled together, price: $64.90.

Capture One

In Capture One photo-editing software
from Phase One, the workflow is built
around a RAW environment. Files can be
previewed as thumbnails, named, organized,
adjusted, and processed into high-res
TIFF or compressed JPEG files for
image approval or Web usage. Capture
One allows for manual adjustments as
well as predefined film curves to match
light and color-management profiles.
Available for Mac OS X (Pro and SE versions)
and Windows (Pro, SE, LE, and
Rebel). Supports all Phase One backs as
well as various Canon and Nikon cameras.
Price: $49 (Rebel for Windows), $99 (LE
for Windows), $249 (SE for Mac OS X or
Windows), and $599 (Pro for Windows or
Mac OS X).


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