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Digital Photography Workflow-Management Software

(August 2004) posted on Mon Aug 30, 2004

Software and systems to streamline image

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IMatch offers IMatch 3 image-management
system for photo professionals
and graphic artists to organize
photos, create albums, convert images,
work with RAW data from digital cameras,
and integrate with other applications.
Supports more than 50 image file formats
and a variety of RAW files, as well as offering
ICC color management. The IMatch
license is user-bound"?the registered
user can use IMatch on as many computers
as he/she likes. Price: $49.95.

IPhoto 4

Apple's iPhoto allows users to import,
organize, edit, and share photos. iPhoto is
part of the iLife package for Mac, which
includes GarageBand, iTunes 4.2, iMovie
4, and iDVD 4, and sells for $49.99.


iView MediaPro 2.5 features media management
(browsing, converting, and
organizing), presentation, editing, publishing,
and cataloging applications. It
supports more than 25 file formats, and
is available for both Mac and Windows
systems. Price: $199.

Paint Shop Photo Album

Jasc Software, Inc. offers Paint Shop
Photo Album that allows users to move photos
from the camera to the computer with
one click, and then organize, enhance, and
share them. Archive photos to CD and add
special effects. Price: $49.

Photo Mechanic

Camera Bits offers Photo Mechanic for
both Mac and Windows systems. It allows
users to view, organize, and process digital
photo images. In addition, it offers
batch captioning, image renaming, high-speed
browsing, and automatic collection
of metadata. Price: $150.

Photoshop Camera RAW Plug-in/
Photoshop CS/Album/Elements

Photoshop CS ($649) offers RAW file support,
file browsing, and file tagging, as
well as a vast array of photo-editing,
modification, and graphic-design capabilities.
The Photoshop Camera RAW plug-in,
now only available as part of Photoshop
CS, was updated earlier this year, and
supports an array of cameras including
Canon, Contax, Fuji, Kodak, Konica
Minolta, Leaf, Leica, Nikon, Olympus,
Panasonic, Pentax, Sigma, and Sony.
Photoshop Album ($39.99) allows
users to organize and share digital
images, as well as to perform some basic
edit functions. Photoshop Elements ($99)
is more geared toward the photo hobbyist
and features importing of photos from digital
cameras, file organization, and basic
editing. Photoshop Elements and Album
are together as a package, price: $129.


Although it's primarily a printing application,
Digital Domain's Qimage can convert and
work directly with RAW files from several
cameras, including Nikon. Price: $44.95.


Logical Designs' SharpRaw can process
Minolta, Canon, Fuji, Nikon, and Olympus
RAW files. It can also process JPEG, TIFF,
and BMP files for levels, color correction,
and distortion correction. At this point,
only Windows is supported (Mac and
Linux versions are in development). Price:
$99 ($269 for "Pro" version, with print
profiling and calibrated color target).

SilverFast DCPro

From Lasersoft Imaging, SilverFast DCPro
supports RAW files from Canon, Minolta,
Nikon, Olympus, Kodak, Fuji, and Sigma
cameras. Default and custom RAW image
settings are available; settings can be
applied across multiple files from the
same photo shoot. Also includes a Virtual
Light Table for organization and management of images, as well as a GANE noise
and grain removal feature. Price: $299.

StudioMaster Pro 3.0

StudioMaster Pro 3.0 is workflow software
for the professional photographer
from Fujifilm. Users can accept images
from digital cameras or scanners, edit
images, layout albums, and write an
order to the photo lab. Price: n/a.


StudioWorkhorse, from The Workhorse
Group, features workflow software for
corporate photo studios and graphics
workgroups. Content creators can
exchange information and images with
internal and external clients. Project
information is stored in a scalable SQL
database that can be integrated into the
enterprise's other workflow/billing systems.
Windows only. Price: n/a.

ThumbsPlus 6

Cerious Software's ThumbsPlus is a customizable
image database/thumbnails/
graphics editor application that allows
users to view, catalog, locate, maintain
and modify graphics files. In addition,
version 6 supports more than 100 file formats,
including several RAW images, and
converts, resizes, and zips images. Price:
$49.95 to $89.95 for a single user.