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Digital Print Systems Bring Branding to Corporate Interiors

(February 2003) posted on Tue Feb 11, 2003

With Winco's customized window films and Printerior's embossed wallcoverings

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The same large-format digital-printing technologies that have
created new forms of P-O-P and out-of-home advertising can now be
used to digitally decorate corporate lobbies and retail interiors.
One company working to stimulate demand for digitally customized
interiors is Lintec Corp., a Tokyo, Japan-based materials
manufacturer with about $1.4 billion in annual sales.

The company's US subsidiary-Lintec of America-has begun promoting
two integrated digital-printing systems that can be used to produce
digitally decorated solar-control window films. Both can help
brand-marketers extend their brand images to surfaces throughout
corporate headquarters and division offices.

Designers in Japan are also using the products to overcome
physical space constraints. By adding digitally printed dramatic
outdoor scenes and other aesthetics to enclosed spaces, office
designers in Japan are creating a sense of openness while at the same
time adding a relative sense of privacy.

These before-and-after photos illustrate how inkjet-printed Printerior
> wallcoverings helped create the illusion of openness in a small