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Display Systems: Your Perfect Match

(August 2013) posted on Wed Jul 31, 2013

Eleven displays to get your client noticed.

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By Adrienne Palmer

The Hopup supports an integrated, full-fitted fabric that can be locally produced; lighting can also be attached, utilizing Velcro, to the back fabric panel. (While graphic sizes have changed slightly due to the new frame sizes, old graphics are compatible with the Hopup unit, the company reports).
The Hopup is available in 5-, 7.5-, and 10-ft sizes. All curved and straight Hopups can be had with or without end caps.


Take a Seat
In the summer, clients are just as likely to have outdoor promotional events as inside ones. What better way to help them get their message across than with chairs designed to take advantage of the sunny outdoors?

The new Wood Chairs product line from Tex Visions also has a sustainable hook to hang your hat on: Each chair is constructed of natural beech wood and is Forest Stewardship Council-certified, ensuring that the wood comes from well-managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economical benefits.

Three different models of chairs are available:
* The Deck Chair is available with arms or without arms, and features a custom-printed backrest, fastened with hook-and-loop fastener that can be adjusted for comfort. Print size is 1.4 ft wide.
* The Director Chair has a custom-printed backrest and seat. Seat print size is 1.8 ft wide and back print size is 1.6 ft wide.
* The Beach Chair has a custom printed backrest and a print width of 1.9 ft.
All of the chairs are collapsible and weigh less than 10 lbs each.


Faux Model Behavior
Human sign holders or spinners? That’s so last decade. Why should clients be burdened with all the pitfalls of human help when you can supply them with an alternative that doesn’t need a lunch break or even a salary?