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Display Systems: Your Perfect Match

(August 2013) posted on Wed Jul 31, 2013

Eleven displays to get your client noticed.

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By Adrienne Palmer

Conquering the Great Outdoors
Using the wrong display in an outdoor setting on a blustery day can result in a marketing catastrophe. Promic Display Systems’ Outdoor Banner gives the client the option for single- or double-sided usage. The banner comes with an 18-liter water tank to provide a secure hold on windy days, an aluminum clip, and fiberglass banner holders. The banner and equipment are delivered in two separate bags. Available size for the Outdoor Banner is 3 x 6 ft. Also in the Promic Outdoor line is the Street Board, featuring a 24-liter water tank designed to be stable – even in wind force 6 on the Beaufort scale (25 to 30 mph), the company reports. Both display systems can be utilized indoors as well as out.


Au Naturel
Looking to provide a more natural, organic feel to a graphic display? Kendu’s Smartwood line is part of its Smartframe roster of image-display and replacement systems, designed for fast and easy changeout of visual displays without the need for specialized tools or workers. Smartwood finishes include oak, pine, chestnut, antique chestnut, iroko, wenge, and others. Available in sizes up to 6.5 x 6.5-ft with 1- to 2-in. sides, and in three shapes: square, oval, circular; the systems can be installed on walls or floors and hung from ceilings. An Allen key is the only tool needed for assembly, Kenu notes. The Smartframe line is also available in aluminum and white-lacquered finishes, and with LED technologies.


Determining Message Effectiveness
You can help your client prove the marketing message is working (or not) with the SmartSign Analytics (SSA) system from EFI. The system automatically captures and analyzes signage viewership and engagement data.

Shown as a technology demonstration by EFI’s Online Print Solutions (OPS) unit at this spring’s ISA Expo, SSA is designed to help retail marketers better measure and understand the effectiveness of their efforts. The SSA unit includes a webcam attached to a sign/graphic, which is connected to a computer running facial-recognition software and EFI’s SSA software for data organization, analytics, and reporting. The webcam/software combination detects the presence of people within viewing range and determines which of them are actually viewing the sign; eye-tracking tools on the system also allow it to calculate how much time is spent viewing the graphic.