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Display Systems: Your Perfect Match

(August 2013) posted on Wed Jul 31, 2013

Eleven displays to get your client noticed.

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By Adrienne Palmer

The SSA technology provides more-detailed demographic information as well: Using proprietary facial-pattern algorithms, the SSA system assigns a gender and age range to each viewer (although the system does not record video, screen captures, or any personal information, EFI reports).


Opening the Door to Displays
Never underestimate the power of what’s hidden. As Monty Hall repeatedly demonstrated in the television show, “Let’s Make a Deal,” people love to see what’s behind a closed door.

The T-Door, just one of Comhan Holland’s many indoor tensioning systems, is a lightweight sliding-door frame system that accommodates graphics on textiles or on printed ACM/Dibond composite sheets. The T-Door is designed for exhibition stands; screening/separation in showrooms, warehouses, store rooms, and retail sites; partition walls or access doors; sliding doors for cabinets; and other interior applications.

The T-Door frame is made of durable, anodized aluminum and is available in blank or black colors (powder coated in colors upon request). Standard length of the T-Door is 20 ft, but it can be cut to preferred size. Printed textiles are secured in the T-Door door section with sewn-in silicon rubber (the company’s Eco-Keder technical textile reinforcement is also available); rigid media are placed in the door section and attached using double-sided VHB tape from 3M.


Relax and Promote
First you put the customer at ease, then you sell them on your product. The new Design Air collection from Above All Advertising is made for relaxation and comfort – but more importantly it’s intended as a business tool to showcase your client’s graphics and logos. The collection includes the company’s rocker, lounger, single sofa, double sofa, stool, hassock, and l-shape furniture; all of the furniture is inflatable via manual or electric pumps.

The Design Air furniture is made of a tough canvas-like outer shell and specialized proprietary materials, and can be covered with full digital dye-sublimation graphics, reports Above All. Sizes vary by furniture, ranging from 5 to 20 ft.


Easy Does It
In an age where many folks think bigger is better and more is merrier, it’s all too easy to forget that, sometimes, the less-obtrusive and simpler solution might be best.

Clip the Alpina Graphic Clips to the top and bottom of a graphic and, voilà, you have a quick and uncomplicated display ready for an elegant showcase of your client’s graphics – without the distraction of a heavy frame.
The Graphics Clips are available in silver or black and with end caps, in any length.