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Diversification of the Print Shop

At OnDemand Expo, print providers move toward a blended workflow.

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By Stephen Beals

The VarstarTM produces effects that were previously impossible or not cost-effective using traditional processes. The machine prints at very high speeds (7000 A4 sheets per hour) and offers a variety of coating finishes including flood, spot coating, textures, variable gloss levels with a single fluid and special effects without the need for plates or blankets. It can also apply multi-layer coating to create raised effects the company calls 'fluid embossing.'

The machine now comes in three models: the M-5 has a 13.8-in. imaging width, the M-6 a 16.6-in. imaging width, and the M8 a 22.2-in. imaging width. The machines will accept paper up to 24-in. wide and stock from 3-24 pt. The company says its coatings are specifically designed to work with digitally produced documents, alleviating many of the problems commonly associated with coating documents produced on toner-based print devices.

Quark ( announced enhanced XML support for QuarkXPress Server 7.2 which should now be shipping. QuarkXPress Server technology powers Web-based, data-driven applications that enable system integrators and software developers to deliver custom, dynamic content to end users.

"The new XML capability...embraces open standards to further extend the power of this technology, enabling customers to automatically construct design-rich QuarkXPress documents from industry-standard XML,' says Linda Chase, senior vice president of Quark's Enterprise Products.

Benefits of QuarkXPress Server 7.2’s enhanced XML capabilities include:

* True on-demand dynamic publishing: Customers can now use a more flexible interface to deliver richly designed content when and where customers want.

* Improved multi-channel output support: Customers can feed design-rich content created in QuarkXPress 7 via QuarkXPress Server to an e-mail server, Web server, or other content delivery environments.

* Easier integration with business systems, such as Web content, enterprise, and digital asset management systems.

Quark also shared its exhibit space at the show with several third party developers who are working on the new platform. Many of these third party software products provide significant automation and Web-based document creation capabilities to the basic Quark Server 7.2 product.