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Diversification of the Print Shop

At OnDemand Expo, print providers move toward a blended workflow.

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By Stephen Beals

A key feature allows users to customize their store interface to a much greater level than before. Using these tools, users can change the appearance of all visible elements of the end-user site.

This release also fills requests for anonymous browsing, enabling users to come into the site and create products without having to register. Once the user reaches the checkout, they can register to make the purchase and complete the transaction.

'Our customers have a demonstrated history of utilizing the Web to open up new lines of business, and Pageflex has supported that innovation with technology that builds robust Web-to-print solutions,' says Anna Chagnon, president and CEO.

EFI ( introduced a new EFI Fiery platform, featuring a new industrial design as well as a unique Visual Workflow that optimizes productivity by providing job progress at-a-glance, plus built in 'how-to' guides to address a wide range of operator expertise. The platform features EFI Fiery ColorWise, the company's in-RIP color management system (with a Spot-On feature providing the ability to measure and manage spot colors) and supports variable data printing, including such VDP languages as PPML, Fiery FreeForm, and a host of legacy proprietary languages.

In addition, the company:

* Announced support of the new UGRA/Fogra (the Graphic Technology Research Associations of Switzerland, UGRA, and Germany, Fogra) Media Wedge CMYK v2.2 for the HP Designjet Z Photo Printer Series. The media wedge is intended for the monitoring of digital proofs and can also be used as a digital control aid to monitor the effect of imaging in CMYK mode and other prepress work. The Designjet Z Series comprises HP's first printers with an integrated spectrophotometer, offering an automated, intuitive experience in image reproduction. For contract proofing, it's essential that a media wedge is placed on a proof for measurement-based verification. The new UGRA/Fogra Media Wedge CMYK v2.2 layout is specifically designed to take advantage of the HP Designjet Z Series' embedded spectrophotometer. EFI Colorproof XF supports the new layout in a way that proofs can be automatically printed, measured, and verified.