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Diving Into Technologies at OEM Events

Highlights from Canon, EFI, HP and Nur.

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In addition, Olin announced, the company has created six market-based focus teams, formed as a result of EFI's identification of key customer-growth opportunities. Focusing upon workflow, the teams comprise representatives from EFI sales, service, development, support, and product management. The teams include: Superwide Format, Closed Door Digital Production (businesses offering digital printing but no storefront or copy services), Publication Printing, Direct Mail, Narrow Web/Flexo, and Warehouse Management & Fulfillment.

On the product front, EFI made these announcements:

Fiery XF RIP: The company announced the new Fiery XF RIP, version 3.1, which supports its full line of solvent and UV Vutek printers. The RIP is specifically aimed at color rendering, providing full gamut saturated colors, EFI reports. New features include:

* The Clean Color feature directly addresses the production market’s specific needs for vivid, saturated color with pleasant modulation and clean appearance. Clean Color Technology provides both an exciting and eye-catching appearance in all image areas as well as highly precise and correct colors where they are needed, such as skin tones, grays, and spot colors. The feature can be run in automatic or custom mode; it can also be switched off.
* The Full Gamut profile is designed to exploit the maximum color gamut of printing equipment. Primary colors are reproduced perfectly and color rendering is not limited by profiles.
* The new XF Server on Macintosh OS X provides a cross-platform application for Windows and Mac environments. This eliminates the need to change to a mixed environment.
* Font Checker, to detect missing fonts and prevent type mismatches.
* Monitor Profile Selection tool, designed to turn client workstations with calibrated and profiled monitors into soft-proofing devices.
* Pre-defined workflows to simplify set-up and reduce set-up time.
* Advanced Back-up and Restore mode to save reference, monitor profiles, and the server configuration to enable quick restoration of the system if needed.

EFI Fiery XF software’s boasts a modular structure, allowing users to add the Color Verifier Option to ensure consistent color quality-even on remote sites-or use the EFI Fiery XF software to connect xerographic devices for concept proofs or digital print runs.

The Fiery XF, says EFI, will be the pathway for integrating the company’s Print MIS solution and Web-to-Print products into superwide-format operations in the future.