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Diving Into Technologies at OEM Events

Highlights from Canon, EFI, HP and Nur.

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PrintSmith 8.0: EFI PrintSmith version 8.0, the latest version of the company's print-management information system, can now help manage wide-format and super-wide format printers as well as rollfed presses.

For wide-format and superwide-format printers, materials and labor calculations can be done as a function of the area being printed, while pricing can be done by run or finished size with multiple calculation methods to determine price (including area). PrintSmith users can define each rollfed press or wide-format printer within the system, entering machine costs, speed capabilities, minimum/maximum width of rolls, etc. The software also supports finishing capabilities for these processes. Material calculations for roll-fed presses can be done by weight to support how paper rolls are typically ordered.

Other highlights of 8.0 include: a 'Quick Access Panel' enabling users to customize the functions they see in this special window for faster access to commonly used features; paper calculator templates for quicker job set-up; automated security back-up of the software; and full 'cost plus' system capabilities. A new optional electronic scheduling module provides information on load factor, downtown, overtime, milestone activities, and more. It integrates with the Tracker module to provide users with real-time shop-floor data collection and job costing.

PrintSmith integrates directly with EFI Fiery-driven output devices; 8.0 now enables digital assets to be attached within PrintSmith and sent directly to the Fiery. Version 8.0 is also integrated with EIS, EFI's visual tool for business analysis, providing an interactive 'command center' that instantly recaps the state-of-the-business and links to other key data.

Logic SQL: The next version of EFI's Logic SQL print-management software, previewed at the event, will offer estimating improvements, tighter integration with the PrinterSite portfolio, integration to Manhattan Associates' warehouse and fulfillment solutions, and, for the first time, support for superwide format printing.

EFI Logic SQL combines end-to-end integration of the print-production process with a powerful set of data-collection tools, with applications covering every business function from estimating to billing, order entry to shipping, purchasing, inventory control, finished goods, accounting and more.

On the estimating side, the main screen has been re-designed to display all key information, making it much easier to understand what is happening with the progression of the estimate and easier to spot mistakes. A new component to handle superwide format estimates has been added and a core system enhancement has been made to allow for Tracking Revisions.