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Dozens of New Printers Make Debut at ISA 2004

(June 2004) posted on Tue Jun 01, 2004

Asian printers highlight, major trends roll on

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A third trend is that UV-curable and solvents have seemingly become the inks of choice: By one count, nearly 30 printers at the show were using UV-curable inks. NUR showcased its new 5-m roll-to-roll UV printer, the Expedio, with quoted output speeds of up to 1900 sq ft/hr in 4 colors, at 360 dpi (and 900 sq ft/hr in 8 colors, at 720 dpi). VUTEk, meanwhile, introduced its PressVu UV 200/600, 2-m 4- and 6-color printers with speeds and features offered on its higher-end printers. Solvent inks also had a strong showing, and the variety of labels being given to solvents continues to grow: pigment solvent, organic solvent, eco-solvent, light solvent, and mild-solvent are just a few examples of these tags.

Some introductions don't seem to readily fit into any of these specific trends, but are worthy of highlighting.

Roland entered the grand-format market with its 102-in. SolJet SJ-1000EX. The 1000EX uses the company's Eco-SOL mild-solvent inks, and runs dual inksets of CCMMYK. Roland reports a maximum printing speed of up to 484 sq ft/hr.

Gerber's new Elan XL is a 4-color piezo printer that uses organic solvent inks. With a print speed of up to 375 sq ft/hr, the Elan XL prints on uncoated media up to 64 in. wide.

Durst showed off its Rho 205 UV flatbed inkjet printer/press, which is available in two versions: the 205/8, which handles media up to 1.55 in. thick; and the 205/8i, which handles media up to 2.75 in. thick. Both have roll-feed capabilities.

The JetPrint from Swiss company Luscher is a piezo flatbed that features UV-curable inks and a fixed vacuum table. Available in 4 colors, 6 colors, or 8 colors plus white.

We'll be highlighting further details on many of the newly release printers in our July/August issue.

Introducing 50 New Printers

The recent ISA show was virtually bursting with new printers--from familiar and new OEMs. Many new UV-curable flatbed printers as well as quite a few that handled roll and rigid media. Most new UV-curable flatbed printers debuted as did quite a few that handled roll and rigid media. Most new printers utilized solvent ink, while a surprising number now offer white ink as an option.