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Dynamic Signage Gets Social

(June 2014) posted on Tue Jun 24, 2014

How your customers can connect their brands with their consumers socially.

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By Beth Osborne

Another way consumers can interact with dynamic signage socially is through the use of QR codes. By scanning a code, the consumer can be taken to a landing page that provides a special coupon, which can then be shared socially. When people share promotions or content in this manner, it’s called an endorsement, and it carries a great deal of weight within a social network.

This interactivity between social media and dynamic signage means that viewers experience everything in real time. Dynamic signage can be updated instantly to reflect what just happened on social media. Posts and tweets can appear immediately. Instagram images can be shown on the signage as they are posted. Pinned items on Pinterest can be instantaneously streamed. Our culture has come to expect immediate gratification from technology, and the “freshness” of social media commentary and dialogue meets this need.

Making the connection, technically speaking
So how do you go about integrating social into dynamic? Several dynamic-signage software platforms are available that include social media plug-ins. These types of solutions may not be highly customizable and may have limitations on the social media sites with which they work. As Facebook and Twitter seem to be the most popular, they are the most commonly integrated. However, studies show that Facebook, even though its worldwide user counts continue to rise, may actually have declining usage, especially for those under 30. So before you decide to use pre-packaged software, it’s important to think about what social media sites may be the most relevant to your customer’s brand and audience.

Alternatively, social media sites offer another way to pull their content into your software platform. Most sites have their own APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and plug-ins, and many have developer sites with instructions and specific help on integrating their platform into an existing software program. Social media developers are smart. They understand that users want to integrate their technology and see the advantages to doing this.

Getting ‘Pinned’ and going Vine viral
The largest social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn naturally get a lot of attention today, but like digital signage, social media is evolving very rapidly. Two newer platforms (Pinterest and Vine) offer particular advantages when used in conjunction with dynamic signage.