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EFI Colorproof XF 3.1

New functions designed to save time and money.

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EFI has launched Version 3.1 of Colorproof XF, the company’s proofing and large-format production solution. Enhancements and new functions are designed "to achieve higher productivity and significant time-savings, enhanced ease of use, and greater profit potential," says the company, and include:

* Support for Mac OS X, increasing Colorproof XF’s flexibility;
* Simple server/printer balancing, designed to increase the processing capability and output volume;
* Soft-proof capabilities;
* New functionalities, such as "font checker" and "crop to fit;"
* Support for the latest UGRA/Fogra media wedge v2.2, including the new media wedge for HP Z Series embedded spectrophotometer, as well as the support of new ISO profiles (ISO Coated v2/ISI Coated v2 300/ISO Coated SC-ECI);
* An Enhanced Fiery Option that delivers increased functionality, productivity, and output volume;
* Improved File Export Option, providing an automated workflow to set up a Color Server; and
* Extended Dot Creator, which offers an alternative screening method for new application areas.

In addition, EFI has partnered with X-Rite to produce a remote- and high-end proofing solution for prepress professionals, publishers, and creatives in production environments. The solution combines EFI’s Bestcolor-driven Colorproof XF software with X-Rite’s recently released Eye-One iSis spectrophotometer. The combined solution is designed to increase speed, accuracy, and ease of use for those users who need to constantly measure test charts and update color-management profiles.