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EFI Upgrades Fiery RIP To Version 7

(December 2005) posted on Wed Dec 21, 2005

Features spot-color matching, variable data, and imposition

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EFI has upgraded its Fiery RIP for graphics-
intensive operations to version 7.
Fiery System 7 features "spot-on" color
matching with substitute color, hotfolders,
driver-based imposition, variable-data
printing capabilities, EFI Impose"?
Fiery Edition, and the Fiery Advanced
Controller Interface. Other key features

  • Fiery Command Workstation: centralized
    print job management with productivity-
    enhancing tools.

  • Fiery Production Printing Package: a
    set of job management and submission
    tools including EFI Compose for previewing
    and editing; Paper Catalog for monitoring
    and the media stock available;
    and Quick Doc Merge for virtual files for
    convenient assignment of production or
    finishing characteristics.

  • Graphic Arts Package, Premium
    Edition: a suite of applications enabling
    easy integration of the Fiery RIP into
    graphic-arts workflows; it includes tools
    for color and soft proofing, file converters
    for hot folders to streamline job submission
    from other graphic-arts workflows,
    advanced trapping settings, and postflight
    reports for troubleshooting.

  • Improved Security: the Secure Erase
    feature removes traces of job data from
    the Fiery hard disk drive; IP Filtering controls
    access to the printing device; Port
    Blocking controls access to the Fiery
    through remote management.