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EFI's PrintSmith Site Steamlines PDF Generation

(May 2005) posted on Thu May 05, 2005

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EFI has added a feature to its PrintSmith
Site product to make submitting PDFs
easier and faster for print-shop clients.
EFI's job-submission and e-commerce
module for its PrintSmith print-shop management
system, PrintSmith Site now
incorporates EFI's PrintMessenger PDFgenerating
print drivers. These allow for
unlimited client licenses and let customers
automatically create settings and
correct PDF files from their own desktop
applications (including Microsoft Power-
Point, Publisher, and QuarkXPress).

PrintMessenger creates a "virtual
printer" on the customer's PC or Mac
where the print shop's name appears in
the list of output devices. To send files to
the print shop, the customer simply
chooses the print-shop name from the
list, just like they would a desktop or laser
printer. A print-ready PDF file then arrives
at the print shop, where it is ready to flow
into the print workflow, EFI reports. (; PrintSmith: