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Eight Attention-Grabbing Displays

(November 2008) posted on Mon Nov 24, 2008

Display manufacturers develop easy, customizable solutions for your clients.

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Customized Brand Building
Testrite offers one-of-a-kind display systems to those customers interested in true brand recognition, using Brand-A-Stand. By using its in-house laser-cutting capabilities, Testrite enables shops to add signature logos, letters, shapes, or names to the banner stand or sign stand of their choice. Needless to say, these pieces really stand out. Laser-cut bases are the most popular, the company reports, although name plaque headers are also available.

Testrite can produce base pieces or headers measuring up to 4 x 8 feet (1/4-inch thickness maximum for acrylic or steel; 3/4-inch maximum for wood). Virtually any color is available (including most PMS-specified colors), the company reports, because metals are powder coated according to customer orders. Custom telescopic pole assemblies are also available.


Three Sides Now
Expect plenty of graphics to go ’round with Vista Systems’ Triangular Pylon. The system is available in various heights and in widths from 4 to 40 inches; plus, clients can choose from three standard finishes: brushed aluminum, gold, and black.

The Pylon’s frame system and the company’s Vista Key suction cup allow end users to integrate and switch out various substrates, including vinyl, metal, plastic, or paper. A clear nonglare lens (provided) can be placed over paper graphics or used as a substrate. Five different end caps are offered; bases are available for permanent and portable applications.


Giving the Message Some Curve
For graphics that are better served by shape as well as movement, Clearr Corporation has evolved its prismatic display into the curvy Triola Radius with a nonlinear face.

As with the standard Triola, the Radius utilizes PVC or aluminum blades in conjunction with a drive mechanism to create a "wave" effect that smoothly transforms three successive images.

The Radius system is available in concave or convex forms, allowing for custom shapes and combinations. In addition to full circles and ovals, shape options include the asteroid, the spiral section, letters, and numbers.

The largest sizes offered are 14 x 48 feet and 7 x 72 feet. Frames are available in silver, black, or white standard colors; custom paint colors are also available.


The Complete Package Deal
We like how Paradigm Imaging has packaged its Booth-In-A-Box combo, taking its cue from the "bed in a bag" combination that has worked so well for softgoods suppliers in the past; customers often prefer to simply get everything at once, letting the supplier assemble all the necessary components.

The company’s Booth-In-A-Box is a complete package designed for ease and convenience on the customer end. It includes a single self-locking popup frame, two coal fabric end panels, two halogen lights, a single case conversion skirt, three graphic panels, and two Netrack brochure stands. The panels, in total, measure 90.5 x 121.62 inches. The package, once assembled, will fit in any 8- or 10-foot booth, Paradigm reports.