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Embracing New Proofing Technology

(September 2008) posted on Tue Sep 23, 2008

Proofing tools have come a long way in a short period of time.

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By Stephen Beals

* EFI has launched a new option for its EFI Fiery XF and EFI Colorproof XF RIP products. The XFlow option is a powerful prepress and production workflow tool to process digital documents easily, automatically, and accurately on wide- and superwide-format devices. The new option for XF is designed to give professionals in large-format inkjet production and graphic arts a PDF-based workflow tool for consistent, accurate printing with Fiery XF and Colorproof XF. XFlow is a pre-flight automation tool with built-in management tools to automate the color control process. EFI also has launched Colorproof eXpress, an entry- level proofing product targeted at creative professionals, graphic designers, small agencies, prepress houses, and print buyers; it’s designed to output accurate proofs from a single RIP/inkjet printer configuration.

* Chromix, the color-management company, has put its new product called Maxwell through some thorough beta testing for nearly a year and now is making it available. Essentially, the system loads and analyzes all color data using an online data base. It also retains your profiles and allows access to customers you allow to see them and use them. It keeps track of when you last calibrated and can even let you know when you have gone too long without calibrating.

* GMG Connect is a software solution that permits simple integration of GMG products in Prinergy, EskoArtwork, and Dalim workflow environments. The software is additionally of great benefit for efficient remote proofing, enabling cross-platform checking of print job statuses via the Internet, for example.