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Embracing Technology: Graph Expo 2011

(August 2011) posted on Thu Jul 28, 2011

Chicago event, September 11-14, prepares to help print providers adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace.

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By Britney Grimmelsman

Educational Sampler
Here are just a few of the educational seminars being offered at Graph Expo 2011:
• Optimizing Color Quality on Wide-Format Devices
• New Business Opportunities for Printers
• Technology Revolution: The Quickening Pace of Change
• Digital Printing and Packaging
• The State of Our Industry 2011
• Digital Presses “Can-Do, How-To”: Matching Conventional Work
• Everything You Need to Know About Lean in 90 Minutes
• Improving Productivity on a Shoestring Budget
• QR Codes and Augmented Reality: How to Drive Print-to-Web
• What Went Wrong? Analyzing the Culprit: Real-World Print Case Studies Revealed
• Digital Presses: A Pre-Purchase Primer
• Color Managing a Digital Press: Experience From the Field
• Change Management: Growing Printers in 2011– Methodology for Success
• The Future of Printing Profits
• The New A-B-Cs of Print Production Profitability
• UV Curing Exposed: Markets, Implementation & Technical Pitfalls
• Elimination of Lamination: Digital Synthetics and the Economic Impact in the Print Room

Co-located events
This year, 32 user-group meetings and small conferences will run in conjunction to the Graph Expo, an increase of 80 percent in co-located events since 2009. The simultaneous events are intended to maximize attendee’s time and travel and include events like: DScoop HP Users Conference; EFI Fiery User Group; Xerox Premier Partners; GUA-Kodak Graphics User Association; and others.

Among the co-located events is the G7 Summit, an IDEAlliance conference. Presented right from the Graph Expo show floor, the summit will offer an industry-leading set of best practices for achieving gray balance and visual similarity across all print processes. The G7 Summit will focus on the entire workflow and cover all facets of print production, from content creation to final output. Topics discussed will include the cost and ROI of G7 implementation and a case-study round table among others.

The Xplor Conference will also occur at McCormick Place simultaneously. The two-day, 18-session educational event being held September 12-13, will offer print-related sessions including: The Ugly Truth about QR Codes; Knowledge Management in Print – Expanding the Value Chain; Increasing Customer Loyalty; and more.

Join the Conversation
Graph Expo isn’t only encouraging the attendees to embrace technology; the show itself is working to utilize the latest trends as well. For example, more than 400 exhibitors, co-located event presenters, and seminar presenters will be provided QR codes, so attendees are able to access their website simply by photographing the QR codes on their mobile phones. “Graph Expo is a fully integrated-cross media campaign using direct mail, online, e-mail, QR codes, pURLS, telemarketing, social media, and beyond,” says Price. “We have even proactively created social media 101 primers for our exhibitors to show them how to join and use social media.”

Looking to keep up with the latest happenings regarding Graph Expo and its exhibitors? Have something to say about seminar topics or debuting products? These social media sites offer an opportunity to not only participate in industry conversations, but also to feel apart of the Expo whether you can make it to the show floor or not. Here is a list of Graph Expo’s social-media presence – simply search the following key terms on the respective sites:

Twitter: @Graph_Expo and #graphexpo
Facebook: Graph Expo
Youtube: Graphic Arts Show Co
Linkedin: Graph Expo & Print, GASC Shows

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