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Enfocus Line Compliant With Acrobat 7 and PDF 1.6

(May 2005) posted on Thu May 05, 2005

Enfocus Software has released new versions
of its entire product line that are
compatible with Adobe Acrobat 7 and PDF
1.6. These versions will work with the
newly expanded range of functions in the
latest Acrobat, such as the use of Open-
Type fonts and new annotation types. In
addition, Enfocus has re-instituted text
editing of PDF files using embedded fonts,
a feature that was restricted in PitSop Professional
6 due to licensing issues.

The English-language update of Pit-
Stop Professional 6.5 is immediately
available, and can be downloaded free.
Other-language versions of PitStop 6.5
and Acrobat 7/PDF 1.6 compatible
upgrades for Enfocus Instant PDF and Pit-
Stop Server will soon become available for
free downloads in the following weeks. In
addition, Enfocus' OEM partners will now
be able to integrate a PDF 1.6-compatible
version of the Enfocus PitStop Library
into their workflow solutions. (Enfocus Software:


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