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Ergosoft Introduces ColorGPS Profile-Creation Software

(February 2005) posted on Wed Feb 09, 2005

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ColorGPS, a new ICC profile-generation
suite for inkjet printers from Ergosoft, is
a three-step solution for generating ICCstandard
profiles for 4-, 6-, 8-, and 12-
color output devices. Standing for
"Gamut Profiling System," ColorGPS
offers multiple levels of control from
basic CMYK profiles to profiles characterizing
12 unique primary colors.

ColorGPS comes in five levels: Quick-
Color, Photo, Publish, HiFi, and Spectra.
ColorGPS QuickColor creates profiles for
CMYK inkjets utilizing density readings
already captured during the linearization
and ink-limiting process"?making
for easy color set-up. ColorGPS Photo is
best used where CMYKcmk is the inkset
and there are preset black generation
curves for virtually continuous-tone
image separations. ColorGPS Publisher
allows for custom-generated black generation
curves and can generate profiles
for devices using orange and green
inks. ColorGPS HiFi adds native 8-color
support for devices capable of it. ColorGPS
Spectra allows printers with 12
printheads to utilize each channel with
an independent color while continuing
to drive it natively without proprietary
predefined separation tables. (Ergosoft: