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ErgoSoft Introduces d'Vinci Hi-Fi Jet Fine-Art Printing System

(March 2005) posted on Mon Mar 14, 2005

Pairs ErgoSoft StudioPrint RIP with Roland 12-color 54-in. Hi-Fi Jet

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ErgoSoft has unveiled its d'Vinci Hi-Fi JET Fine-Art Printing System. It mates the ErgoSoft StudioPrint RIP with a Roland 12-color 54-in. Hi-Fi JET printer; an ErgoSoft ColorGPS profiler is optional. Roland's Tony Miller reports that, "the d'Vinci system will run 1440 x 1440-dpi bidirectionally at 13 sq ft/hr, and 1080x1080 bidirectionally at 28 sq ft/hr. More speed testing is underway."

One of the features that sets this system apart is its 12-color inkset--CMYKOGcm + 4 dilutions of black. This combination of inks give the d'Vinci a wide color gamut and greatly expanded gray-scale capabilities and tonal gradations. The wider color gamut, using orange and green ink, is achieved without loss of color fidelity in deeper, more saturated colors, ErgoSoft reports.

The d'Vinci's varying densities of black ink greatly enhance the level of detail in all facets of printing--from the tonal quality to the subtleties within the gray scale, says Robert Eversole, president of ErgoSoft US. The d'Vinci's ink configuration and color rendering allow printmakers to produce finer image quality with the smoothest gradations, allowing digital fine-art arteliers to offer their clientele something significantly better than they can produce themselves, says Eversole.

The d'Vinci can print on a wide variety of media from fine-art matte finish to photographic gloss. The system currently offers profiles for Roland's fine art media, and new media is also being profiled.

The base price of the system is $25,795; with ColorGPS profiler, it sells for $28,245: Roland dealers will be selling the system. (ErgoSoft:, Roland DGA: DGA