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ErgoSoft Updates RIP Software

(June 2017) posted on Fri Jun 09, 2017

Version 15 includes dynamic previews, dithering, and more.

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ErgoSoft has released the latest version of its ErgoSoft RIP software. Version 15, designed for environments with multiple printers and computers, includes 64-bit integration, an RGB profile converter, network licensing, and a True Shape Nesting feature for reducing media waste.

Additional features include:

• A new dithering method said to increase rasterization speed and improve dot placement accuracy
• Aurelon PDF engine
• Support for HP WallArt PDF format
• Dynamic previews for PostScript and PDF files
• Updated CMS architecture system compatible with all V4 ICC Profile standards
• ColorGPS enhancements such as profiling presets and brightness scaling
• An updated, integrated TIFF library
• A global Color Replacement feature that supports gray and Lab input color replacements