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Establishing a ‘Green’ Identity

(June 2013) posted on Thu Jun 27, 2013

Becoming more sustainable can provide your shop with additional efficiencies and additional profits.

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By Mike Antoniak

“Green” is the new mindset for many buyers of wide-format print, as well as suppliers to the graphics industry, says Jonathan Graham, market development manager for Hewlett-Packard: “The issues in sustainability have not changed, they’re only increasing in importance. We have more customers requesting that we do things in a sustainable manner.”

HP shares those concerns, says Graham. “From the HP Planet Partners Media Take Back program to engagement with FSC to certify HP fiber-based substrates, we take environmental issues seriously. Our HP-PVC Wallpaper is GreenGuard Children & Schools certified and also part of the free HP Media Take Back program to optimize recycling options for customers,” he points out. Plus, he touts the company’s latex printing technology as an advance which is helping print services providers meet sustainability goals: “Latex printers and inks are clear leaders for sustainability in the sign and display industry.”

“There’s an initiative throughout Fujifilm to reduce the amount of waste we produce, and reuse or recycle as much as possible,” explains Terry Mitchell, vice president of marketing for Fujifilm North America’s Graphic Systems Division. “Our print customers rely on our equipment and consumables in their business, and we want to help them in their local efforts to run a more sustainable operation.” That assistance ranges from advice to providing new categories of products designed to help print providers achieve their goals.

Mitchell cites several examples of products available from Fujifilm that can support these sustainability objectives, including UV LED: “UV inks are formulated to be free of HAPs and VOCs, and they’re cured using low-energy-consumption ultraviolet light rather than traditional heating and evaporative dryers used in solvent-ink applications,” he explains. “UV LED systems – such as our Acuity UV LED 1600 printer – offer lower energy consumption, produce less heat and have much longer service life compared to conventional UV ink curing systems.”

“Your customers and corporate clients want to be more green themselves, so you should be more green,” he advises. “Rather than wait to react, take a proactive approach in what you’re doing. This way, you can market yourself to companies also looking to run more sustainable operations. Sustainability isn’t about any one thing – it’s about your whole business. It’s a journey.”