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Every 'Cloud' Has a Silver Lining

(September 2013) posted on Thu Aug 29, 2013

The benefits of the transition to Adobe Creative Cloud.

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By Craig Miller

Creative Cloud, though, gives all of our designers access to the Adobe software for $50 a month per designer. So, for $3000 a year, five of our designers have access to what would have cost us $10,000 to buy.

Also with CC: You have the option to authorize two computers at a time for each license. So, for example, you could authorize a computer assigned to a designer or prepress specialist at work and also authorize their personal computer at home. We find it handy to allow our employees to work from home for special projects or just for the sake of convenience. (It’s rare that a designer does not own a reasonably powerful graphics workstation or laptop that’s adequate for the tasks at hand.)

Plus, if one of your employees is traveling and doesn’t want to drag a computer along, he could authorize a computer at his destination. He could have access to files and settings on the Cloud, and work onsite – just as if he was at his desk at your office. Upon returning home, he could re-authorize the computer in his home city and de-authorize the computer he used on the road.

Here’s something else I particularly like: With CC, it doesn’t matter if the computer is Mac or PC. The days of buying one version and sticking to that platform with that serial number are over.

When we’re bringing on a new designer or prepress specialist at our company, we ask the new employee which operating system they are the most comfortable and productive working with. Whatever their preference, we provide them with that flavor of workstation. That was a problem in the past because if they said PC and we didn’t have a PC license, we had to go out and buy a CS for PC. With CC, though, we can just slide a PC in front of the new employee, authorize that computer, and we are up and running at no additional software expense or hassle.

No more registration and upgrade problems
Two other challenges Adobe CC seems to address are registration and upgrades.