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Expand MediaFabric Is a Quick Setup

(May 2005) posted on Thu May 05, 2005

Lightweight trade-show graphic is easily portable

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The Expand MediaFabric, from Expand
Media, comprises graphic panels applied
to a collapsible, lightweight aluminum
frame with Velcro webbing. The panels
can be one large seamless fabric image
on a poly-knit material that's wrinkle- and
flame-resistant, or multiple panels.

Weighing in at approximately 11 lbs,
the Expand MediaFabric differs from the
company's Expand BigFabric product (see
The Big Picture, September '04, p.68) in
several ways: It features a lighter and thinner
aluminum framework, narrower Velcro
webbing, and self-locking plastic connector
hubs (versus the BigFabric's metal
hooks). Set-up time, says the company, is
less than 1 min.

The Expand MediaFabric comes with a
nylon carrying bag and a protective nylon
hood to keep graphics clean. A variety of
sizes are available, ranging from 30 x 88
to 145 x 88 in. (Expand Media: