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Extensis Releases Portfolio 8

(January 2006) posted on Wed Jan 04, 2006

Provides custom sorting and fast cataloging

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Extensis has announced Portfolio 8, a
new version of its digital-asset-management
(DAM) solution. This latest edition
provides features such as visual catalogs
and embedded metadata to better
help users organize and route digital
files"?whether within asset-creation
workgroups or out to external partners.
Some of Portfolio 8's new features

  • Full custom sort: Users can drag,
    re-order, or sort items in Galleries, Smart-
    Galleries, and disk folders"?and this is
    remembered automatically for each user
    in a workgroup environment. Users can
    also custom sort to a shared catalog so
    all users can take advantage of files in a
    certain order.

  • Fast cataloging: Quickly add files to
    a Portfolio catalog and work with them
    right away, while other cataloging tasks
    occur in the background.

  • FolderSync and AutoSynch enhancements:
    Users can now add catalog presets
    to AutoSync folders, and ignored or
    excluded items do not change a folder's

  • Custom XMP extraction: Custom
    namespace XMP metadata can be
    extracted from a wide range of files,
    allowing users to embed custom information
    like job status or product SKU
    information via Adobe Creative Suite
    applications and be viewable inside
    Portfolio 8.

The Portfolio 8 product family
includes a standalone version and client/
server solution. Single-user versions
are available for $199.95 (upgrades from
Portfolio 6 and 7: $99.95); a NetPublish
license is necessary to publish catalogs
to the Web ($249.95). Client/server
solutions start at $5000 (SQL Connect
Modules are also available).