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Extreme Vinyl: Carving out a Niche

(September 2017) posted on Wed Sep 06, 2017

Become an expert at something that no one else has done before.

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By Sino Tour

“The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself.” – Peter Jackson

Tinseltown’s love affair with vinyl wraps (before anyone knew what to call them) is the real deal. It’s not some short-lived fling; we’re at soulmate status. This mutual affection can be observed during a scenic moment of your favorite film or even in a cheap paparazzi shot in a tabloid. Visibility is vital in every business, and it’s certainly no exception in the well-oiled, nonstop machine known as Hollywood. Producers are embracing the use of vinyl graphics in the same way they would applaud a perfect pairing of two leads with immense chemistry on the silver screen.

I’m also talking about an astonishing array of mediums that make up the star-studded world of entertainment: cinema, television, theater, music, commercials, public events, etc. From the perspective of a wrap artist, it’s a fairly untapped industry that hauls in billions of dollars each year. This is where my role as a vinyl expert has grown more and more coveted. It’s a role of a lifetime, and let’s face it: There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a “rock star” in your profession or to gain some notoriety for your hard work. Hopefully, it all equates to a blockbuster hit: More business. More exposure. More money.

Answering the Call
When Hollywood came knocking on my door to secure my specialized services in a creative capacity, my custom vinyl work took center stage almost immediately. For the record, I had prematurely closed the door on this industry about a decade ago, though I’d always left it slightly ajar because of an affinity for motion pictures and my big dreams of one day becoming the next prolific auteur, like Truffaut or Hitchcock. Upon reconnecting with my past career in show business, I had unknowingly tapped into a new market for vinyl graphics and wraps. To this day, it’s a market that I’ve carefully cultivated with an elite community of artists, designers, filmmakers, managers, and musicians, spawning a little niche that has become another viable source of income for my wrap company.