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Extreme Vinyl: Carving out a Niche

(September 2017) posted on Wed Sep 06, 2017

Become an expert at something that no one else has done before.

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By Sino Tour

Becoming the Expert
The year was 2013, before I had scored an aesthetic triumph with a sky blue piano wrap for Jack White’s solo performance at the Grammys. I had already reveled in Hollywood productions via “picture cars” for television commercials and thought nothing much of them at the time. Picture cars can be summarized as vehicles, either wrapped or painted, that are specifically supplied to the film industry as part of the scenic background or driven by the principal leads. I treated them like any other wrap project that landed on my desk, but I do remember some of the harsh realities involved in getting them camera-ready: impossible deadlines, endless design changes, and the involvement of way too many cooks in the kitchen when it came to approvals. As my wrap skills were applied to a host of national TV advertisements for the likes of Safelite, Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon, my business hit something of a turning point. I began to adopt the “movie mogul mentality” and reshaped my installation department to accommodate our full-fledged foray into show business. And it was not cheap. I greenlighted a new marketing plan, hired and retrained a number of employees, attained more specialty wrap tools and equipment, researched the competition, and relentlessly networked and promoted our services at all the glamorous Tinseltown “party scenes.” At the end of it all, a movie mogul has to ask himself: “What are the key ingredients that make a good movie?” Or better yet: “Why bet on this market and not the others?” I may never know the answer to the latter, but I firmly believe that much of my success can be attributed to a healthy dose of practice and persistence, not to mention a stroke of luck by being in the right place at the right time.