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Extreme Vinyl: Keys to Creativity

(June 2017) posted on Thu Jul 06, 2017

It’s easy to forget to keep the most important part of your company alive.

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By Sino Tour

“I will master something, then the creativity will come.” – Japanese proverb.

From cyberpunk manga to neon-lit Kanji pictograms, there’s no escaping the wealth of cultural imagery and vignettes that is Tokyo in April. Your senses are on maximum overdrive as you process the visual spectacles that unfold before your eyes. On this trip – my second to Japan – I thought it would be fitting to discuss ways to generate creative wrap ideas and applications while I’m in a land that integrates art and design, both traditional and modern, at every corner.

Finding Inspiration
This picturesque city is awash in stunning architecture, historical sites, Sakura-laden fields, and intricately decorated cuisine – resources that will influence my work in the days, months, and years to come.

In our endless quest to push boundaries with our wrap designs, we should never lose sight of satisfying our core audience – our customers – whose expectations become more demanding with each job we’re awarded. I consistently want to explore the creative side of vinyl wraps, from design themes to installation techniques to available media. These simple yet proven options have inspired me to generate my own ideas for projects as each effort I put forth brings me closer to becoming a true “wrap artist.” Or, better yet, a wrap artist who gets paid for doing what he thoroughly enjoys each day.

In my LA office, I have assembled a large bulletin board (aptly named “Big Bang,” to signify “ideas springing into existence”) where I’ve gathered an assortment of magazine clippings, Instagram snapshots, anime cells, tattoo catalogs, fabric patterns, vinyl swatches, film paraphernalia, freehand drawings, color wheels, travel postcards, famous quotes – pretty much all of the memorable and insightful things that have left an indelible impression in my world. There are so many distractions at every turn of the day – especially in this digital age – and I can easily lose my focus or train of thought. I’m a visual person, and the board never disappoints. It has furnished me with numerous collaborative ideas for some of our most memorable custom and fleet wraps.