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Extreme Vinyl: Standing Above the Competition

(March 2017) posted on Thu Mar 23, 2017

How to attract potential customers, and what to offer them.

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By Sino Tour

Having a business or other college degree does not guarantee any amount of success or sustainability in the wrap business. Nor is there a manual that spells it all out for you when courting brand new projects. This industry is ever-changing, and you have to learn how to invest in and adapt to the latest trends, printers, tools, vinyl film, installation techniques, etc.

I can attest that when you do receive that first job opportunity, it can become the start of a satisfying venture (or an indication that this business might not be for you). When we secured our very first customer back in 2008, I remember how pleased they were with our installation performance on a small fleet of box trucks with free-floating decals. I decided to ask the customer what we had done differently from the other graphic installers within their network. They specifically stated that despite their competence in executing vinyl wraps on their fleet programs, the majority of their installers lacked a certain amount of professionalism, especially in the areas of communication, appearance, and customer service.

More important, some graphic installers were not as well-versed in effectively wrapping many types of vehicles such as sedans or vans, while others did not offer wall or floor installation experience. Based on our customer’s feedback, we made slight changes to our business plan with an emphasis on the expansion into the types of graphics-related services or departments that we wanted to establish at the company.

Thanks to this customer, we understood right away that professionalism and diversity would take us a long way in this business. Here are a few ways to capitalize on those elements to continue growing your shop.