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Eye Candy 5:Nature Released by Alien Skin Software

(November 2004) posted on Mon Nov 15, 2004

Effects from Fire and Ice to Rust and Squint

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Alien Skin Software has released Eye Candy 5: Nature, a set of 10 plug-in filters for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, and Macromedia Fireworks. The new filters are geared to simulate various phenomena, including:

-- Corona, which creates radiant solar flares and wispy auroras;

-- Drip, which melts images and renders oozing drops;

-- Fire, which creates an incendiary effect;

-- Icicles, which drips translucent icicles from any selection;

-- Ripples, which creates refractive ripples around a shape, as well as chaotic reflective waves;

-- Rust, which tarnishes and corrodes images and text with rust, moss and mold;

-- Smoke, which can simulate anything from voluminous clouds of smoke to murky haze;

-- Snow Drift, which piles snow on text and lightly dusts images with surface snow or frost;

-- Squint, which mimics poor or wet vision or camerawork; and

-- Water Drops, which can be used to splash images with a variety of drops, spurts, and spills.

Price: $99. (Alien Skin Software: