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Fabric’s Endless Possibilities

(January 2012) posted on Tue Jan 24, 2012

Big Image Systems pursues fabric printing on a grand scale.

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By Mike Antoniak

The typical project, if there is such a thing, requires three or four hours of print production time, two days shipping to the US, and relies heavily on online tools to get the jobs done. “Without the Internet we couldn’t operate,” notes Lindqvist. “It’s involved in every aspect of our jobs – from initial contact through transferring files. There are all kinds of communications back and forth, a lot of e-mail, even occasional video conferencing, to make sure our clients get exactly what they need for their job.”

Often, Big Images is brought on as a subcontractor for the end user. In theater, the company regularly provides prints for Rosebrand and iWeiss, both specialists in stage design production. “When we work directly with theater clients, we’re more involved in selecting the fabric and deciding on the quality of the image.”

On the corporate side, its working partners include such event specialists as Momentum, Ovation, Eventmaker, and Extraordinary Event. “There are other companies who can do large-format printing on the corporate side, of course, but we have much more experience with printing on fabric – to them new options,” in transforming a conference center or exhibit hall.

For the corporate clients, timing is everything: “There really is no margin for error,” he points out. “Our clients often receive their print only a day or two before an event, and many times do not even have time to look at the print before they begin the installation.”

Meeting those expectations puts Big Image in its own niche. “Our customers know we print on all types of fabric, are very strong in color management, and put a lot of effort into customer service, to make sure they are completely happy with the work we do.”

Retail: the third column
As Big Image Systems looks to grow beyond the corporate and entertainment markets, Lindqvist hopes to repeat the company’s growth in Europe, where retail now represents the third column in its success

“Overall, we’ve found the American market to be very similar to Europe, with a lot of clients learning the advantages of printing on fabric,” he observes. “But in Europe, retailers have been quicker to use our capabilities just like they are used in theater, to create a unique environment and exciting experience for shoppers. That’s something we hope to be doing for more clients here in the future.”

Freelance writer Mike Antoniak is a regular contributor to The Big Picture magazine.

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