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Finding a Business-Software Solution

(May 2011) posted on Mon Mar 28, 2011

More than 40 solutions for the management side of your shop.

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Printer’s Software
The company’s Presidio print-management solutions are designed for commercial and in-plant print operations; they can stand alone or be integrated in any combination. Available modules include: Estimate, Job Control, Schedule, Shopnet (allows users to capture production data in real time), Accounting, Inventory/POs, eCommerce, and Finished Goods (inventory and fulfillment).

Visual printLeader is a PC-based, modular, print-management solution designed for small to mid-size printing, copying, and graphic-arts businesses. Modules include pricing, order entry, accounts receivable, accounts payable, system manager, purchase order, bank reconciliation, and customer manager. The company recently added a Web-based online order-entry system.

PrintPoint 6 estimating and management software is a customizable, print-management solution designed for small and medium-sized commercial, in-plant, large-format, and digital printers as well as prepress shops. The latest version now boasts 50 new features, including a redesigned interface, time- or unit-based estimating, a prepress estimating module, data history, accounting links, post-press tracking (cutting, packing, etc), a new fulfillment module, and more.

PrintStar allows users to create a customer-contact database; track inventory, paper supplies, job costs, and profitability; generate estimates; assign, schedule, and track jobs; create purchase orders and invoices; and warehouse, track, and ship finished goods. Version 4.6 also features dashboard statistics, Web-press module, jobs from templates, estimate attachments, improved security, enhanced Quickbook integration, and more. A wide-format module is available.

Prism USA
Prism Win MIS features a Sales Order Processing module that provides automated control throughout each stage of the sale, including information on stock levels, requirements analysis, order status, and delivery dates. The Jobbing feature automatically converts successful quotes into active jobs, producing work tickets and job folders with bar-coded job IDs. It can monitor deadlines and considers job prerequisites such as proof OKs, available shifts, and more. Users can even switch variables, such as adding a shift or changing a job order, to test “what-if” scenarios. Users also can manage the shop floor, and Prism Win can collect actual times and costs for individual jobs. PrismWin SBE offers the same integrated modular functionality, scaled back to meet the needs of the smaller print business. Prism QTMS iQ offers a set of machine monitoring modules and custom developed sensors that automatically record and collate accurate shop-floor information.