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Finding the Right Communication Tools

(February 2012) posted on Mon Feb 06, 2012

Tackling ever-changing communication technologies to better your business.

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By Craig Miller

If I want to show off our company’s latest work, rather than use Facebook I prefer to post very high-resolution images on our Picasa site (you can also use Flickr or iCloud if you prefer). I send the link to one or a chain of colleagues or customers. You can make the uploaded photo album available to the general public or only people with the link. And you have the capability to write extensive captions to each image or video. This photo-posting method gives the end user the ability to look at or zoom in on the high-resolution image, or watch a slide show or a video. After they have viewed the images, you can permit them to download any of the content, allowing them to store or print your images for their own purposes. We recently did this for a client in Amsterdam; they printed out our pictures and used them in their planning meeting for their tradeshow in Paris that spring.

Staying present
With all the attention given to new media, I can’t help but wonder if should expect e-mail to go the way of the fax? Because, to me, fax technology has been dead for years. I have taken my fax number off both my e-mail signature and my business cards. If someone requests a communication by fax I remind them, “This is 2012! You want a fax? How about I send you the message by Morse code on my telegraph! Or how about a carrier pigeon or pony express?”

So if I act that way about faxes, I wonder if that’s how people react to my own lack of social-media savvy? I’m loath to check my Facebook account. I wish I had never gotten one, but I bowed to pressure. For the life of me, I don’t know what to do with Linkedin. Every day it reports to me, via e-mail, that someone I know has connected with someone I don’t. Yes, and…?

So for now, with the exception of texting, it seems that good old e-mail fills almost all of my modern telecommunication needs. But I know that social-media outlets can’t simply be ignored. It’s important to establish a manageable presence on the popular networking sites and find exactly how the tools work best for your company. Keeping up with the ever-changing communication outlets can seem overwhelming, but tackling the technologies can ensure that your business runs in the most efficient fashion possible.

Craig Miller is a principal shareholder in Las Vegas-based Pictographics, ( where he is also director of military and law-enforcement projects, the company's defense-contracting division.