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Finding Solvent Success

(March 2011) posted on Wed Mar 09, 2011

A narrowing of choices when it comes to solvent printers.

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By Gregory Sharpless

Infiniti Digital Equipment
Available with 8 or 12 Xaar 30-pl printheads, the 98-in. Fina 250A features CMYK solvent inks, an auto media-feeding and take-up system, drying fan, and head-cleaning system. Top speed for the 8-head system is 274 sq ft/hr at 540-dpi resolution, while the 12-head printer offers 414 sq ft/hr in 540-dpi mode. Top resolution: 1440 dpi. A media-width auto detector is optional. Other Infiniti solvent printers include: Fina 160A, 320B, 320SW, 3360AS, and 3360SW.

Mimaki’s grand-format JV5-320S offers a print width of 128 in. and is designed to combine long-time/continuous printing with high speeds and image quality. It features a staggered printhead arrangement and can generate a maximum resolution of 1440 dpi. The 320S can hit a top speed of 645 sq ft/hr at 540 x 720 dpi and a speed of 279 sq ft/hr at 720 x 1440 dpi (all speeds in 4-color mode). Offering a 6- or 4-color mode (CMYKcm or CMYK), the printer can utilize Mimaki’s ES3 eco-solvent inks as well as its HS rugged solvent inks. The 320S can print on media up to 1-mm thick, and automatically detects media thickness and adjusts head-height gap to generate the best print quality. A media encoder feeds media evenly without any influence of media weight. Other features include: an automatic nozzle-out detection to reduce loss of media and wasted ink; a feeding and take-up device for heavy media (the 320S can handle a roll weight up to 286.6 lb); auto-change double ink cartridges for long, consistent printing (maximum capacity of 1.76 liters/color); large post-heater to enable high-speed printing (in addition to pre-heater and print heater); and a RasterLink Pro II RIP. An external dryer is optional.

Other Mimaki solvent printers include: the CJV-30 series of printer-cutters (four sizes), the JV5-130S/160S, and the JV33 series of printers, including the JV33-130, JV33-160, and JV33-260.