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Finding Solvent Success

(March 2011) posted on Wed Mar 09, 2011

A narrowing of choices when it comes to solvent printers.

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By Gregory Sharpless

Seiko-Infotech USA
Seiko Infotech’s ColorPainter V-64s is a 64-in. inkjet printer specifically designed for the mid-volume sign and banner printing market. The printer produces true 720 x 720-dpi prints with its 6-color (CMYKcm) mild-solvent inksets, either EG-Outdoor EX or EG-Outdoor LX inks. The machine’s six printheads allow the printer to achieve, in production mode, a printing speed of 172 sq ft/ hr at 720 x 720 dpi; the machine can hit 322 sq ft/hr in draft mode, and 88 sq ft/hr in production mode.

Features on the V-64s include: Smart Pass Technology that automatically creates unique gradient overlaps between each printing pass to reduce/eliminate banding (the technology also optimizes dot placement to improve overall print quality); a three-way independently controlled heater to optimize ink receptiveness on media and ink drying time; standard blower to speed drying, and integrated four-way take-up unit; adjustable head height for different media thickness—0.08 or 0.1 in.; and manual media cutter with media clips.

Also available are the Seiko ColorPainter H-74 and H-104 mild-solvent printers.

Signs International Distributor
The SID XC II is a 6-color (CMYKcm) printer that offers a maximum printing width of 126 in. and can function as either a solvent or eco-solvent printer (SID offers XtremeColor Solvent and Eco-Solvent inks, both certified for the printer). The XC II offers resolutions up to 720 dpi and can hit a top speed of 807 sq ft/hr (240 x 720 dpi, 2-pass); it can reach speeds of 570 sq ft/hr at 360 x 720 dpi (2-pass). Features include a preheater, two infrared heaters, a fan system, and more. RIP software is PhotoPrint 6.1. The SC II can accommodate vinyl, perforated vinyl, polyester, banner, and canvas media.

Other solvent printers in the SID lineup include: the Xpress 320 8H and the XCS Plus 320 8H, XCS, XES 250/320, and XE 210/320 models; as with the SID SC II, all of these printers can function as either solvent or eco-solvent machines.

The 8254E and 8264E printers from Xerox utilize eco-solvent inks. Designed for a range of users, the two share these specs: eco-solvent Ultra CMYK inks; resolutions up to 1440 dpi; dynamic variable-dot imaging and intelligent interweaving; the ability to print on a variety of materials from uncoated vinyl to high-quality coated media; and a standard take-up roll that can handle rolls up to 42 lb (8254E) and 67 lb (8264E). The 54-in. Xerox 8254E offers print speeds up to 143 sq ft/hr in banner mode and 55 sq ft/hr in quality mode; the 64-in. Xerox 8264E features a top speed of 172 sq ft/hr in banner mode and 58 sq ft/hr in quality mode. Xerox also offers the 8265/8290 eco-solvent printers, which offer 6-color capabilities.