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FinePix S3 Cameras Now Available with New Features

(October 2004) posted on Tue Oct 05, 2004

Includes adjustable dynamic range and film simulation

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Fuji's FinePix S3, first announced at PMA, is
now available"?with several new features:

"?Adjustable dynamic range"?professional
photographers can now adjust the
dynamic range, changing the mixing ratio
between S and R pixels.

"?Film simulation modes"?allows photographers
to replicate the look and feel of
various chrome and negative films, while
still shooting digitally.

"?Choice of color spaces"?choose from
sRGB and Adobe RGB.

"?Electable RAW capture modes"?
turn off the expanded dynamic range
function for a smaller file without losing

"?Fast start-up"?the FinePix S3 is
ready to shoot in 1.2 sec. (Fujifilm: