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(July 2011) posted on Thu Jul 07, 2011

More than 40 sources of laminators to protect and perfect print jobs.

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Advantage Distribution
The Advan-Tac EZ Mounter, available in 25-, 61-, and 80-in. widths, is a cold laminator that allows for single-sided lamination and is able to coat boards up to ½-in. thick. The AD JetMounter is a 53-in. cold mounter designed for pressure-sensitive laminates and adhesives.

The Orasign 1600EH is a hot/cold laminator; the Orasign 1600EC is a cold laminator. Both machines work with media up to 63-in. wide and 1-in. thick.

The Ademco Phoenix 44-in. laminator comes in three models—Base, Roll, and Pro—and accepts media up to ¼-in. thick. All three models use pouch boards but can be converted for roll films.

Autobond’s wide-format offerings include the thermal Mini, in widths ranging from 23 to 41 in.; the 30-x 41-in. Edgemaster 76 E encapsulator; and the 41-in. 105 CTP aqueous coater.

Banner American Products
The MightyLam 2700HC laminating/mounting machine features heated rollers, release liner takeup, and an adjustable feed table guide with hot and cold lamination. The standard 3-in. core adapters allow it to handle 1- and 3- in. core thermal films and 3-in. core pressure-sensitive films. The machine can accommodate digital and offset output up to 24-in. wide and ¼-in. thick. The 27-in. Easy-Lam green laminator features a standby mode that brings the thermostat down from a laminating temperature of 300 F to 150 F while the machine is not being used (the machine returns to a laminating temperature of 300 F within seven minutes). The ValueLam 4500HC accommodates media up to 44-in. wide, and features hot and cold lamination with dual heated rollers.

Based in Spain, BeDigital offers the Vulkan series of thermal laminators, which come in 66- and 81-in. widths. Also available are the Sonny 1400C, a tabletop laminator with two cold rollers and the ability to work with media up to 55.1-in. wide and 1.96-in. thick; the 63-in. Genus 1600, which can handle cold lamination and image mounting onto slightly rough surfaces; and the 82.6-in. Genus 2100, which features an upper heat roller and can accept media up to 0.96-in. thick.