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(July 2011) posted on Thu Jul 07, 2011

More than 40 sources of laminators to protect and perfect print jobs.

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The Codamount laminator is configurable as a pressure-sensitive, heat-assist, or thermal machine, in 26-, 34-, 44-, 54-, and 64-in. widths. Key features include: single side gap adjustment; nip rollers that open to 2 in.; safety motor stops (auto and manual); optional bottom feed and takeup; and more. The Coda Cold-Mount System is a production machine available in widths from 14- to 54-in.; features include: automatic scrap rewind, operator adjustable tension control, self-locking 3" core supply and take-up mandrels, safety motor stops, two-inch roller gap, and precise roller and pressure adjustments. The Cold-Mount tabletop laminator units are also available as strictly tabletop units (same sizes).

The 3M-approved, variable speed Omega SRA comes in hot and cold models, with adjustable pressure and web-tension control.

D&K International
D&K offers hot, cold, and pocket laminators with media capacities ranging from 42- to 83-in. wide and up to 1-in. thick. The options in its wide-format Expression line include: the 62-in. Exp 62 Plus for both thermal and pressure-sensitive lamination; the 44-in. Exp 44 Twin for low-temperature laminating; the 42-in. Exp 42 Plus, a heavy duty laminator designed for laminating low-temp, thermal, and pressure sensitive films; and the 42-in. Exp 42 Pouch tabletop laminator.

The Exp 65 is a cold laminator with an upper heated roller (up to 140 F); it can handle material up to 67-in. wide. The Exp 63 features an extra-wide chassis and a 62-in. working width.
Also available (via the company’s website) is the Expression Roller Press, a print-finishing system with a 42-in. working width, designed to mount and laminate in a single step. It features an adjustable thickness setting up to 1 in., a top speed of 3 ft/min, and a reverse mode.

Daige’s Solo Cold Laminator comes in 25-, 38-, 55- and 65-in. widths and accommodates boards up to ½-in. thick. Features include top and bottom nip rollers covered with hard silicone, steel cores, automatic take up, spring-loaded top rollers, a print holder in front for printing long prints, and a heavy-duty motor. Also available is the EZ Glide Applicator, a non-electric tabletop liquid laminator in 48-, 55-, and 62-in. widths.