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(July 2011) posted on Thu Jul 07, 2011

More than 40 sources of laminators to protect and perfect print jobs.

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Ezy Taper
The Ezy Taper unit from the Australian-based company of the same name comes in 25- and 60-in. widths and features a self-adjusting system that allows various thicknesses of material up to 1.18-in. Each of the three models – the Standard, Standard/Deluxe, and Platinum Package – is capable of print mounting, cold laminating, tape application, mounting of pre-masked vinyl, and flood coating.

The 2064Ct wide-format laminator with heat-assisted top roller features include a simple LCD display for controlling pressure and temperature; swing-out film shaft; a pressure plate to flatten the leading edge of curled prints; and more. It handles film up to 64-in. wide and 10-mil thick and can run at speeds up to 30 ft/min for roll-to-roll applications.

Other products in GBC’s line of laminators include: the 79-in. 2080WFt and the 61-in. 640t, top-heat laminators for pressure-sensitive films; the Catena (25- and 41-in. wide) and Arctic (40- and 61-in. wide) cold laminators; and the 31-in. Discovery 80, a heat shoe laminator that uses infrared technology. GBC also offers hot and cold machines such as the 31-in. 5031TS, the 64-in 2064WF, the Titan (43- and 61-in. wide), the 64-in. Falcon 3064WF, and the 64-in. Orca 4064WF.

Golden Sign International
From Shanghai, the GSD electric and hand-crank cold laminator is available in 51- and 63-in. widths; also available are hand-cranked cold laminators in widths up to 63 in.

Graphica Technologies
The Bondmaster series of large-format laminators includes thermal, cold, and hot/cold models in widths ranging from 38 to 62 in. All models offer single and double sided encapsulation.

Graphic Finishing Partners
The new 400 Series Professional Top Heat laminators are available in 55- and 63- in. widths. The new series features: 1-in. variable roller gap, 4.5-in. silicon rollers, 140 degree top heated roller, and speeds of up to 13.5 ft/min. The laminators are built for applications that require PSA films for overlamination, mounting, and pre-coating boards.

HOP Inc.
HOP offers the tabletop TCC2700, a 27-in. roll laminator.

Keundo Corp.
Its SupraCoater LR1600 (63 in.) and LR3300 (126 in.) liquid laminators offer speeds up to 3100 and 4134 sq ft/hr, respectively. Both offer two coating nozzles.