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(July 2011) posted on Thu Jul 07, 2011

More than 40 sources of laminators to protect and perfect print jobs.

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Neschen Americas
Neschen offers an array of laminators under its Seal brand including the Seal 54 EL, a 54-in. wide entry-level, cold-roll laminator and the Seal 80 Pro, an 80-in. wide mounter, laminator, and encapsulator that accommodates materials up to 1.5-in. thick. Other features include: feed table with integrated tensioning rollers, roll/image trough, and flip-down image guide; flip-up pull rollers; Combi-supply shafts; ergonomic touch pad control panel on a pivot arm; output slitters; automatic upper take-up shaft; and more.
Also available: Seal Image 600md (61 in., dual-heat, bi-directional); 62 Pro; 54/62 Base; UltraPlus Series (five models total); and the ProSeal 44 pouch laminator. Neschen also produces a variety of liquid coaters, including: the 18-in. Accu-18XE; 60-in. AccuCoat 1600; AccuCure 60 UV and the AccuCure 80 UV (60- and 80-in. wide, respectively.

Optima International
The 54-in. Optima RCS 5400 Minicoater uses water- or solvent-based laminates; the 36-, 56-, and 76-in. 110/220 V models can accommodate vinyl, canvas, photo-paper, Tyvek, and other types of media. Also offered is the 36-in. Convertible Rollacoat Liquid Laminator.

Pacific Studio Supplies
The ACL460 is a cold laminator designed for print providers and framers. The company’s MCL260 is a 26-in. motorized laminator geared toward professional photographers.

Polisigns Supplies
Offers the ENTM series of cold laminators and the ENHTM series of hot laminators, all in 54- and 66-in.wide models and all can now handle media up to 1-in. thick. The company also offers the 63-in. PLAII liquid laminator.

Professional Laminating Systems
PLS offers the 27-in. PL227HP and the 38-in. PL238WF, which can laminate substrates up to ¼-in. thick. The 44-in. PL244WF thermal laminator can accept media up to 3/16-in. thick and features variable speed control, 12-in. diameter roll capacity, digital temperature readout, and more.

Its Quality 64TLX is a 62-in. top-heated mounting/laminating machine with a top roller for thermal lamination and a bottom roller that can be used for self-adhesive films. Features photoelectric nip protection circuit; removable front and rear tables; and auto and foot pedal running modes.

Remington Laminations
The M65 Mini Mounter tabletop cold laminator is 27-in. wide and accepts media up to 3/8-in. thick.

Royal Sovereign International
Its hot and cold machines include the 27- and 41-in. models of RSS Hot-Shoe and RSR Rolling-Shoe as well as the 41- and 65-in. RSH Hot-Roller. The RSC cold-roll laminator offers pressure-sensitive lamination for images up to 65-in. wide.

Splash of Color
The Cool-Lam 640C is a cold laminator for pressure-sensitive media up to 63-in. wide. Features include a motor-reverse function, single set of main rollers, powered take-up shaft, and more.

USTech Inc.
The Pro S Series (single roller) and Pro D Series (dual roller) laminators are available in 44-, 55-, and 65-inch widths. The cold laminating systems include Worf MJ Series and the new USTech VS Series, which features a 1.5-in. nip opening and three sizes: 44-, 55-, and 65-inch wide. The new 50-in. Master Cold laminator offers an Auto Liner backing paper pickup system.

USI’s heated roll laminators include the Samson Plus 4200/6200/6300 (42, 62, and 63 in., respectively). The 6300 is a heavy-duty machine featuring variable speed, reverse, independent upper/lower electronic temperature controls, and can accommodate substrates up to 1-in. thick. Also features: three emergency stop buttons, release liner rewind, foot control pedal for hands-free operation, length cutters, and more. Its heat shoe laminators include the 40-in. and 42-in. CRL models, and the 40-in. MRL42 combination laminator/mounter.

Wesco Machine
Heat options include: the 30-in. F30 and the 38-in. F38, with flat composition wood-grain laminate tables, 3-in. silicone rubber rolls, forward brake, and reversible variable DC control; and the 54-in. W56 model, which can handle any substrate up to 2.5-in. thick.

Western Magnum
Offers the XRL Hot Roll laminators in 24-, 36-, and 48-in. widths. Although primarily used in the circuit-board industry, these laminators can also be used for laminating large-format graphics.