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Finishing Equipment and Accessories

(August 2004) posted on Mon Aug 30, 2004

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Makes the Hot Press Heated Glass Top Vacuum
Press for mounting graphics as large
as 59 x 103 in., as well as the PlaqDecor
system, which converts prints to plaques
by mounting, laminating, and beveling the
finished graphic (with the DES-1 automated
edge-finishing system)..

In addition, it offers: the StraightLazer,
which automatically projects a "level" registration
light across onto any surface to
quickly position prints using horizontal or
vertical references; the Drytac Mule storage
cart for holding rolled media; the Gator
Scraper, a cleaning tool for loosening and
removing embedded particles often found
on foamboards; Dust Removal System (DRS)
Roller, to remove dust and dirt from prints;
cutting mats; Eraser Block, for removing
adhesive residue from laminator rollers; and
Squeegee Roller, a hand-held roller used to
expel air trapped on the surface or around
the pre-laminated edges of prints.

Dual Edge Ripper

Makers of the Dual Edge Ripper for adding a
deckle edging to fine-art prints.

EdgeWISE Tools

Manufacturer of industrial laser cutting/
marking systems for rolled and flat materials
that can cut, kiss cut, or score a range of
media from paper to plastic to plywood. Its
continuous-feed cutting system uses lasers
to cut a variety of rolled, non-metal materials
up to 60 in. wide and up to 0.5 in. thick.


Produces the Kongsberg XL for large-format
creasing, cutting, and plotting,
especially for the packaging market. The
Kongsberg DCM Series of digital die-cutters
(designed for low-volume runs of in-store
displays, dimensional promotions, and
packaging and prototyping applications)
features an automatic load and unload
mechanism and accommodates a family of
quick-change creasing, cutting, crushing,
and special-purpose knife tool inserts.


Manufactures a variety of cutting equipment,
including the wall-mounted Fletcher
3100 Multi-material cutter, which cuts
materials (such as PVC, aluminum, hardboard,
and glass) up to 63 in. long and 0.4
in. thick. The PC series (40, 60, or 120 in.
long) comprises lightweight cutters for
substrates (vinyl to foamboard) up to 0.5 in.
thick. The PCT 40 is a 40-in. cutter designed
for use with laminated foamboard; it will
cut media up to 0.25 in. thick. Also offers the
Fletcher Edge in 24 or 42-in. lengths.