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Flatbeds & Hybrids 2013 Report

(June 2013) posted on Thu Jun 27, 2013

Offerings from 20+ companies to expand your shop’s job mix.

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The Rho P10 Series comprises the 80-in. Rho P10 200 and 98-in. Rho P10 250 flatbed/hybrid printers, both 10-picoliter machines. The printers feature Durst’s Quadro Array 10 printheads, which utilize silicon-based MEMS technology to produce image quality with up to 1000-dpi print resolution; the printers also boast Durst’s magnetic linear drive carriage transport for consistently accurate output. The printers are 4-color standard (CMYK), with optional light cyan, light magenta, white, and process color addition (orange, violet). Top speed on the Rho P10 250 flatbed is 2100 sq ft/hr. Standard max. thickness is 1.58 in. (2.75 in., industrial version). A Caldera GrandRIP+ external RIP server is standard on all P10 printers.
Other Durst machines include the Rho 1000 and 1000L; Rho 900, 800 HS, 800 Presto, and the Rhopac 160 Corrugated Display printer. Specialty printers include the Sol Gel (glass decoration); the Rho 750 HS (corrugated display); the Gamma Series and Pictocer HD (ceramic tile); and Rho SP 60 (wood decoration).

The Vutek GS3250LX is a production-level UV LED hybrid that features an 8-color inkset (CMYKcmyk) + white, a selectable dual resolution of 600 or 1000 dpi, and a print speed up to 2400 sq ft/hr in Fast-5 (4-color+white) mode (1200 sq ft/hr in 8-color+white mode). It can accommodate flexible or rigid substrates up to 126.5 in. and up to 2-in. thick; it is also multi-roll capable (two 60-in. rolls). Other features include: instant on/off; a precision alignment fence of accurate board alignment; an enhanced Fiery XF RIP; and more. Options include a heavy-duty unwinder, extension table, and small-depth extension table. The Vutek GS3250LX Pro is the upgraded, grayscale version; it delivers 0-36 pL drop sizes to generate better image quality and more accurate PMS color matching, and utilizes EFI’s Orion OS for faster production speeds.

The EFI Vutek QS3 Pro features: variable-drop grayscale technology (0-36 pL drop sizes); 6 colors plus white; three-layer print capability; multi-queue functionality; advanced ICC color management; and native JDF connectivity. The QS3 Pro is driven by EFI’s Orion OS, which controls a combination of the machine’s software and hardware. Media handling: up to 126-in. wide and 2-in. thick max. Roll-to-roll capability is optional.

Other models include the Vutek HS100 Pro, GS3250, GS2000LX, GS2000, QS3 Pro, QS2 Pro, QS2000, QS3220; plus the entry-level EFI H652 and EFI T1000 models. Also available: the EFI Cretaprint tile printer.