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Flatbeds & Hybrids 2013 Report

(June 2013) posted on Thu Jun 27, 2013

Offerings from 20+ companies to expand your shop’s job mix.

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Matan Digital Printers
Matan’s Barak 8Q, an 8-color UV hybrid, is available in 11.4- and 16-ft versions. The Barak 8Q features the company’s Parallel Drop Size technology that enables printing of 20- and 40-pL drops in the same printing pass to smooth images while also achieving ink coverage and density. It uses Barak UV low-odor pigmented inks and supports a wide range of environmental media (including PE). Top speed on the Barak 8Q is 3800 sq ft/hr and it offers a 600-dpi max resolution (1200 dpi apparent). Its front-end software includes a Media Saving Wizard. Options include: automatic double-sided printing an automatic rigid-media loader and unloader; a wrinkle analyzer that identifies wrinkles caused by media manufacturing and then adjusts the carriage height; and an Inline Finishing system designed to automate trimming and cutting simultaneously with printing. Also from Matan is the Barak iQ, available in 11.4- and 16-ft versions.

Mimaki USA
The JFX500-2131 UV LED flatbed features a print area of 83 x 122 in. and a top speed of 645 sq ft/hr. The CMYK+W printer offers two ink options: high-speed LUS-150 (flexible up to 150%, reports Mimaki) and LH-100 (hard, scratch-resistant). Top resolution is 1200 dpi, and the printer can accommodate media up to 2-in. thick. The JFX500-2131 features: variable-dot printing; an Intelligent Microstepping System for accuracy; Mimaki Advance Pass System to reduce banding; and more. RasterLink RIP software is standard.

The JFX-1631 plus and JFX-1615 plus models both feature a post-cure unit and offer a top speed of 254 sq ft/min (at 600 dpi); both machines feature a top resolution of 1200 dpi. The 1631 plus can handle media up to 65 x 126 in., while the 1615 plus can handle media up to 65 x 63 in.; they accommodate substrates up to 2-in. thick. Two inksets are available: Hard (CMYK+W+Clear) and Flexible (CMYK+White). RasterLink RIP is standard; a roll unit is optional.

The UJV-160 is an LED UV hybrid capable of printing on both roll-fed and rigid materials. Media up to 64-in. wide and 0.4-in. thick can be printed on the machine. The UJV-160 UV uses CMYK inks specially formulated for flexibility that will support expansion of up to 200% without cracking, the company reports. Max. resolution is 1200 dpi. RasterLink RIP is standard.

Also available are the UJF 706 printer and the JF Series (JF-1610 and JF-1631) flatbeds.