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Flatbeds & Hybrids 2013 Report

(June 2013) posted on Thu Jun 27, 2013

Offerings from 20+ companies to expand your shop’s job mix.

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MTL Print
The NurStar 305D, a 5 x 10-ft, 4-color UV flatbed, offers variable-drop-size technology, can reach a top speed of 2700 sq ft/hr in Signage mode (1080 sq ft/hr in P-O-P High Quality mode), and offers a resolution of 1440 dpi. It can accommodate media up to 1-in. thick. Optional white ink. Also available is the NurStar 304D 4-color UV flatbed: top speed of 2153 sq ft/hr in Signage mode; 1080-dpi resolution max.; substrates up to 1-in. thick.

Mutoh America
The ValueJet 1617H hybrid is a 64-in. printer featuring the company’s MP bio-based inks (CMYK + W), Intelligent Interweave to eliminate banding, and a half-inch print height. Other features include: speeds up to 300 sq ft/hr; a top resolution of 1440 dpi; ValueJet Status Monitor; and ColorVerify color-checking system. An integrated spectrophotometer is optional.

Mutoh’s 64-in. 1608HS also runs the MP bio-based inks (CMYK) and can hit print speeds up to 120 sq ft/hr; top resolution is 1440 dpi. Capable of handling media up to 10-mm thick, the 1608HS features Intelligent Interweave technology, three heaters, takeup system, and more.

Novus Imaging
The Synergia H/UV is a 126-in. hybrid press offering Spectra Q class printheads with a 10-30 pL variable drop; 4-color standard ink system (optional colors include cmykW, orange, gray, red, blue, and violet); the ability to handle media up to 2-in. thick; iPad integration; and an apparent resolution of 2400 dpi. Its Redwood Warp Engine allows the Synergia to hit speeds up to 3000 sq ft/hr in Production mode, the company reports. A Caldera Grand RIP+ is standard.

Polytype America
The Abacus 25 and 35 UV printers are 98- and 138-in. hybrids that offer: 6-color printing (CMYKcm, with white as a spot color), a choice of 30- or 80-pL printheads; 1200-dpi resolution; and the ability to image substrates up to 3.7-in. thick. Print speed on the Abacus 35 ranges from 2153 to 3229 sq ft/hr; on the Abacus 25 the print speed ranges from 1507 to 2799 sq ft/hr (both with 80-pL printhead (slower with the 30-pL printhead). A feed system for rigid substrates is optional. The company is also the exclusive US distributor of SwissQPrint products (see listing).


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