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Float On

(August 2014) posted on Wed Jul 23, 2014

A standard framed print receives a ‘floating’ refresh.

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Though a big part of our business here at bluemedia involves vehicle graphics and customer-facing advertising, our clients have increasingly asked us to provide interior décor for offices and non-public spaces. For these types of jobs, we wanted to find a way to introduce the graphics with a nice, finished appearance without being a standard framed print on the wall. Plus make it an easy install anywhere the client desired, without being invasive to the building, as well as simple to update should the theme in the room change.

After some time, the solution that evolved satisfied all our requirements and was so easy to execute that we started introducing it in temporary and public environments, such as stadium concourses, because it gave a nice third dimension where we might have simply used murals before. By using a simple piece of Gatorfoam and a custom museum-mount (or French cleat) we’re now able to place an image off the wall about an inch, and, with the help of the shadows it usually casts, give the impression that it’s floating just in front of the wall.

Our most common client-request size is 2 x 3 or 4 feet, but we can accommodate up to 4 x 8-foot graphics. For this project, we decided to create a graphic for ourselves – to be hung in the hallway of our office – highlighting a truck wrap we completed for seven-time AMA Supercross champion Jeremy McGrath, totaling 4.5 x 2.5 feet.

Step 1 Bleeding Out
We created our piece by applying a vinyl decal to a piece of Gatorboard. Whether we’re using an image that covers the front of the board edge-to-edge, or, where our image has a solid border, our designers make a point of giving extra bleed for these projects. The additional vinyl allows us to wrap around the edge of the board as you’ll see in a Step 3. This conceals the exposed foam edges of the board and allows us to create an item that is light enough to hang almost anywhere, without being concerned about whether the wall can support it.