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For Flatbeds Only: Rigid Substrates

More than 25 companies offering rigid media.

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If the test graphic isn’t satisfactory, see if your distributor can apply an inkjet-receptive coating/pretreatment to the uncoated stock. Or, check with your printer OEM-many, such as NUR and VUTEk, are selling primers that shops can apply to substrates. Typically, these primers are hand-applied using a roller or spray.

Acriglas Metallic acrylic sheets emulate the look of bright dipped brushed anodized aluminum, come in a brushed finish (4 x 4 ft) or a matte finish (4 x 6 ft), and range in thickness from 1/8 to 1/2 in. Compatible with wide-format inkjets, Acriglas Metallic is available in 16 colors and 10 textures.

Alcan Composites offers several rigid substrates for direct-print with large-format printers.

Dibond consists of two sheets of 0.012-in. aluminum bonded to a polyethylene core. Pre-painted with a polyester finish, it’s available in 2-, 3-, and 4-m thicknesses and in sizes up to 60 x 120 in. Designed for interior signage, exhibits, and displays, as well as outdoor applications, it’s compatible with solvent and UV-curable wide-format printers. Dibond Brushed Gold gives a metallic gold finish in a 3-mm rigid media.

Sintra is a lightweight yet rigid, expanded PVC board with a low-gloss matte finish. Designed for large graphics, signage, exhibits, visual merchandising, P-O-P displays, and photo mounting, it is available in a wide range of thicknesses-from 1 to 13 mm, and in various colors and sheet sizes.

Gatorfoam, made of durable polystyrene foam between Luxcell wood-fiber veneer liners, is available in sizes up to 60 x 120-in. sheets for direct printing. Gatorplast features an extruded polystyrene foam core laminated on both sides with high-impact polystyrene.

Fome-Cor, a foam-centered board with clay-coated paper liners, has a wide range of uses-from P-O-P and displays to picture framing, photography, and exhibits-and is available in stock sheets up to 60 x 96 and 48 x 120 in. It can be digitally printed directly using water-based, solvent, or UV-curable inks. Fome-Cor JetMount board has a higher density, is more rigid, and is specifically designed for mounting and direct printing of digital images.

Foam-X, a polystyrene foamboard with clay-coated paper liners is a recovery board that retains its shape (producing an open edge) when die cut (while Fome-Cor compresses completely and stays closed permanently when die cut, creating a 3-D effect).