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For Flatbeds Only: Rigid Substrates

More than 25 companies offering rigid media.

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American Fiber Technologies
FiberBrite comprises a line of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) panels, all of which are compatible with solvent and UV-curable flatbed digital printing. The panels are available in a variety of sizes, sheets, and thicknesses. Products include: FiberBrite Original, VandalSafe, Survivor, and TuffStuff.

American Permalight
The photoluminescent PermaLight rigid media (PVC or aluminum) can be used with both solvent and UV-curable flatbed printers. The rigid PVC Permalight is 0.045- to 0.059-in. thick with glossy or matte surfaces. Used to print safety signs, the 48 x 40-in. rigid aluminum Permalight sheets have a matte surface and are 0.7-mm thick. The product is also available in a range of luminance, for specific code and safety compliance.

Altuglas International
Available in a wide variety of thicknesses and sheet sizes, Plexiglas acrylic sheets and Tuffak polycarbonate sheets can be printed on with wide-format inkjet printers.

Bienfang Framing Products
Bienfang, a division of Elmer’s Products, features Bienfang MightyCore 0.25-in. foamboard, which is compatible with solvent and UV-curable inkjet inks.

DHJ International
French manufacturer DHJ International features inkjet-printable Decoprint Brusan, a printable fabric laminated onto a thin aluminum film. The resulting rigid material is inkjet printable (with solvent, mild-solvent, or UV-curable printers) and then formable into 3D shapes or objects. The materials can be shaped by hand or by vacuum forming, and will retain its shape after forming; it can be reflattened, rolled up, and used again. Available in checkmate texture (for photographs) or brilliant (for advertising), Decoprint comes in 57-in. rolls and two thicknesses: 50 or 100 microns. Hi-Tech Textiles is the US distributor (

GE Plastics
Offers a variety of rigid roll and sheeted products, including Lexan, PET UV, PETG, Veltex, C-M/M, Dynox, White HI Impact Styrene, Expanded PVC, and Acrylic. Products are available in ranges from 0.05- to 0.5-in. thick and are compatible with UV-curable inks; some products are compatible with solvent and aqueous systems.

Gilman Brothers
Gilman Brothers offers many foamboards that can be directly printed using solvent and UV-curable wide-format inkjets. The boards are available in a variety of thicknesses (1/16 to 4 in.), sizes (up to 48 x 192 in.), densities, and surfaces.