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For Flatbeds Only: Rigid Substrates

More than 25 companies offering rigid media.

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Plaskolite's 3015 White acrylic is compatible with wide-format inkjet printers using UV-curable inks. Sheet thicknesses range from 0.118 to 0.236 in.; sheet size is 49 x 97 in.

Seal Graphics Americas
All of Seal’s white- and black-surfaced foamboards (including PillowCore and MightyCore) are printable using digital flatbed printers with UV-curable and solvent inks. Seal recently added White on Black Foam Board, which features 11-pt clay-coated white paper sandwiching a black foam core.

Seal Inkjet Stoplight is an 8- or 12-mil bright white polyester/aluminum media for pop-up exhibit and display graphics. Made of 100% opaque backing film with a universal inkjet coating, the media offers a quick-drying printable surface for dye and pigment-based aqueous and thermal inkjet printers.

Offers Rigid PVC sheets from 0.2- to 0.82-mm thick and up to 47-in. wide. Also offers 2- to 20-mm PVC foamboard up to 48-in. wide. Both are compatible with solvent inks.

Produces a variety of clear and opaque rigid materials that are compatible with aqueous, solvent, and UV-curable inks: 41- and 44-series polypropylene; 55-Series APET; 65-series PETG; Rejuven8j is a PLA plastic made from renewable sources such as corn; Valiant Ultra clarified styrene; 10-, 12-, 14-, and 16-series HIPS, and Valiant styrenic alloy.

Texture Plus
Available in more than 40 textures, Texture Plus is a molded high-density polymer with a water-based acrylic finish compatible with either solvent or UV-curable inks. The 1/2-in. thick 2 x 4-ft panels come in standard or interlocking styles. Textures include bamboo, brick, diamond plate silver, castle stone, driftwood, slate ivory, and the company’s latest-coral

Troy Laminating
Its Opacity line of clay-coated paperboard is opaque, available in thicknesses from 8.5 to 11 mils, and comes in sheets up to 60 x 75 in.

UltraFlex Systems
UltraFlex offers several sheet and rolled rigid media, all of which are suited for use as P-O-P displays, bus shelter advertising, backlit boxers, and indoor posters. Rigid media includes 14- and 18-mil Styrene and Pressure Sensitive Styrene; clear, white, or frosty Rigid Vinyl; translucent Dulkote; and opaque Spraytex. Compatible with UV-curable and many solvent-based inks.

United Industries
United Industries offers several rigid substrates with extruded foam cores that are compatible with UV-curable and solvent inks.

Ultra Board is a heavy-duty, all-plastic foamboard with a high-impact polystyrene surface. It ranges in thicknesses from 3/16 to 3 in., comes in white, black, red, and blue, and is available in sheets up to 48 x 96 in.

Ultra Aluminum is foamboard with an anodized aluminum face. Available in brushed or polished gold and chrome, as well as acrylic baked white finishes, it’s available in thicknesses from 3/16 to 3 in. and in sheets up to 48 x 96 in.

Ultra Plus is heavy-duty polystyrene foam between two layers of 1- or 2-mm PVC liners. It ranges in thickness from 1/4 to 3 in., comes in white, and is available in sheets up to 48 x 120 in.

Other printable rigid media includes Ultra Core (3/16-in. foamboard with a 12-pt clay-coated paper face) and Ultra Mount (available with pressure-sensitive or heat-activated liners in 3/16- to 1-in. thicknesses).

Celtec is a foamed polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet for high-strength, lightweight applications. The smooth, matte-finished sheets are available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses (from 1 to 25 mm), and can be digitally printed using solvent and UV-curable inks. Celtec is available in sheets up to 60 x 120 in. and in 12 standard colors. Recently, Vycom announced that Celtec is now available in 30-mm thicknesses in 49 x 96-in. sheets.

Ultra White is a 2- to 6-mm solid PVC substrate designed for outdoor use where resistance to UV degradation is critical. A bright-white high-gloss product, it’s available in 4 x 8-ft sheets, and is printable with solvent inks.